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100 Wikipedia Articles on Software Product Development (and Related Disciplines)

Published: December 17, 2017

Personal Update: The air has been unhealthy here in Santa Barbara, and today the fires got a bit closer to downtown. A *[GoFundMe page ](https://www.gofundme.com/nmkkc-for-ashley-iverson-and-her-girls)has been set up for Ashley Iverson, the wife of Cory Iverson who died fighting the Thomas Fire on 12/14. Please consider donating. We have >8,000 fire fighters in the vicinity working to keep us safe.*

For the moment we’re stuck inside with our HEPA filter. My stuck-inside list-making activity of the day was to pull together 100 Wikipedia articles related to software product development for my friend Maria (who wanted a “crash course of reading”). I hope this enough :)

This is by no means conclusive — it was a random walk — but hopefully folks find it semi-valuable. Wikipedia is truly one of our modern marvels.

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