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15 Posts About Change Agency and Continuous Improvement

Published: December 22, 2018

With almost 400 posts now, I realize that it can be super hard to find posts on certain topics. Here are 15 posts I find myself sharing frequently when discussing change agency and continuous improvement.

Look Before Leaping
Being a smarter change agent / change gardenermedium.com
The Patient Change Agent
Don’t become part of the problem (and quit while you’re ahead)hackernoon.com
Do This Now!
Start a change-agent crew.medium.com
Why Don’t They Trust Us?
Have you ever walked into your favorite restaurant, ignored the menu, and asked the chef to surprise you? What made you…hackernoon.com
Continuous Improvement is Real Work
If improving something is important…make sure to invest enough time and energy. If it isn’t important, then don’t do…medium.com
70 Books (and Other Resources) for Internal Change Agents
The response to this Tweet was amazing.hackernoon.com
The Canary Dies
Well into the 20th century, coal miners brought canaries into coal mines as an early-warning signal for toxic gases…hackernoon.com
Start With Naive Pragmatism
A quick hint for change agents.medium.com
Focused Advocacy and Improvement
Lately I have been doing some team coaching in multiple organizations.medium.com
The Spokesperson Trap
Here’s a change agent tip…learned the hard way.medium.com
Systems and People Behaving Badly
Note: In this post I’m pretty lazy about my use of the words “system” and “systemic”. Stick with me…medium.com
How Does Your Company Approach Continuous Improvement?
How does your company approach continuous improvement?hackernoon.com
The Hard Thing About (Not So) Hard Things
I’ve been obsessed lately with the following question:medium.com
WIP It Real Good
You are tasked with designing a system optimized for high work-in-progress levels (high WIP, aka “doing a lot of stuff…hackernoon.com
Building Shared Understanding Is Hard
We were aligned last week. And now we are not. What gives?
Correct. Building shared understanding is hard. And…
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