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15 Posts on Roadmaps, Prioritization, and Visualizing The Work

Published: December 20, 2018

With almost 400 posts now, I realize that it can be super hard to find posts on certain topics. Here are 15 posts I find myself sharing frequently when discussing roadmaps and prioritization.

40 Roadmap Item Questions
A quick list of questions to use when workshopping your product roadmap, prepping for a pitch/kickoff, or quickly…medium.com
\A Better Roadmap | Mind-Map | Mousetrap
This post is a summary of this video on YouTube. Check it out!medium.com
Stop Setting Up Product Roadmaps To Fail
Why Readmedium.com
Quit Planning Ahead and Keeping People Busy
As product people, we need to work more on the mission and less on playing Tetris with teams and initiatives. To much…medium.com
Beat the Feature Factory: Run Pre-cap Design Studios
Recommendation: Commit to a future recap of your product development initiative, and design the slides early in the…medium.com
Untangling OKRs with a Big, Visual Board
Note: A 1.3MB version of this imagine can be found here. I use the term OKR below. To learn more about OKRs see here. I…medium.com
Keep Features Off Your Roadmap
I received some questions this week about mission/outcome driven roadmaps. I’ll write more in the coming weeks, but I…hackernoon.com
11 Ways I Visualize Product Development Work
…sharing some drawings and notes from a whiteboard training today.hackernoon.com
Backlog/Roadmap Hygiene Tips
WIP It Real Good
You are tasked with designing a system optimized for high work-in-progress levels (high WIP, aka “doing a lot of stuff…hackernoon.com
Beyond “Outcomes Over Outputs”
Consider a range of mission-types (or mission scopes) for a product development team:hackernoon.com
Prioritizing “Non-Feature” Work and Continuous Improvement
Note: I transcribed this post from a coaching/training session. Hopefully the conversational style works OK, and it…hackernoon.com
Value and Sequencing
Let’s take a list of opportunities. For each opportunity I am going to describe the opportunity cost per month (Cost of…hackernoon.com
4 Prioritization Lessons (using Cost of Delay and CD3)
Consider this table. The columns represents mission duration (in months). The rows are Cost of Delay ($s per month…hackernoon.com
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