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175 Posts On Product Development! Thanks!

Published: May 22, 2017

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Obligatory image … so that Medium recommends the post.I hit a goal of sorts today: 175 posts on product development. Actually… the goal was 150, but I was having so much fun I forgot about the challenge to myself in my notebook.

A big thanks to the folks who check out the posts. Your comments, recommendations, and reads have kept me motivated. Over the last 18 months of writing, I have learned a ton about myself. Some recent posts — The Product Of You, and To the Drifters, Makers, Why-Askers, and Systems Thinkers… — have represented shifts for me personally. I have come to accept more about who I am, where I thrive, and how I’d like to create impact. And that is due in no small part to the awesome product development community here on Medium, and on Twitter (@johncutlefish). Thanks again!


Have questions about product development, product management, UX research, specific posts, or blogging? I’ll dedicate the next couple posts (or possibly video) to questions. Please fill out this form with your question.

The posts …

  1. The Product Of You
  2. 40 Ways to Invest in More Resilient Teams
  3. Safety In Silos
  4. To the Drifters, Makers, Why-Askers, and Systems Thinkers…
  5. Great Burgers
  6. To be a team
  7. 21 Questions for Your PM Role Interviewer
  8. Hard Systems, Soft Systems, and “It Depends”
  9. Standup!
  10. Vacation: Product, Project, or Portfolio?
  11. Doers and Managers
  12. Low Effort / High Value? Think Again…
  13. Why We Write Tickets
  14. SaaS and Value Stream Soup
  15. 7 Abilities You Must Defend (and Improve)
  16. Why Do Things Get Worse (With Teams) ?
  17. Product Development Team Self-Assessment
  18. Have You Heard That One About SAFe?
  19. Why Do We Estimate?
  20. You Can’t Be All Things…
  21. Learned Helplessness and the Ops Death-Spiral
  22. Best Practices, Games, and Game Changing
  23. “I Hate Kanban…;”
  24. Service Machines and SaaS Robots
  25. When Your Head Hurts
  26. Roots of the Feature Factory (1/n)
  27. Putting a Cost On Debt
  28. Everything Is Fucked Up. And We Love It
  29. So Why Are We Going So Slow? (Cartoon)
  30. Feedback Loops and “Done”
  31. Psychological safety: the secret weapon of awesome teams
  32. 5 Product Development Questions
  33. PMs: Try This Thought Experiment
  34. “Is My Dev Team Slacking?”
  35. Destroy Your Product (Without Getting Fired)
  36. Tools: Complexity Enablers
  37. Kanban Method: Be Careful About Your Board’s Scope
  38. Your Customers Don’t Care If…
  39. Answer These 16 Questions About Your Roadmap Items
  40. Coherence and “Best Practices”
  41. Keep Features Off Your Roadmap
  42. It Appears We Need More Individual Accountability
  43. Story Point Alternative: 1–3d Stories
  44. Outcomes? We’re Programmed to Get into the Weeds
  45. Do You Ask For Story-Level Estimates?
  46. 10 Big Software PM Time Wasters
  47. Unvalidated Complexity is a Liability
  48. Usability Principles and Onboarding
  49. The 20 Jobs Of In-App Messaging
  50. Product vs. Single Projects (and 8x Teams)
  51. Trello, “Jira Sucks”, and Tool Dysfunction
  52. We Are What We Learn
  53. Completed != Validated
  54. #NoEstimates. Two Different Problems
  55. The Learning Styles Myth and User Onboarding
  56. Play Your Own Game
  57. Talking Product: Running Themes from a Year of Conversations
  58. 20 Ways to Kill Elephants (In Rooms)
  59. 90 Problems You’ve Heard About Before
  60. PM “Responsibilities” ?
  61. 50 Things I’ve Learned About Product Management
  62. Untangling OKRs with a Big, Visual Board
  63. What We Can’t See
  64. Evangelist/Consultant Myopia
  65. 140 Product Management Action Verbs
  66. A 12-Step Program for Recovering Product Managers
  67. Startups and the Enterprise Vortex
  68. Safety, Discomfort, and the Art of Self-Service Un***king
  69. Place Your Bets
  70. Dear Product Managers …
  71. Beat the Feature Factory — With Biz Chops
  72. Success Theater …
  73. 12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory
  74. Visualizing Debt, Rework, Cut Corners, and Frustration
  75. Case Study: From The Front Lines
  76. Cutting Corners and Electric Fences
  77. Acute vs. Chronic Product Issues
  78. 50 Questions I Ask PMs About Data and Their Teams
  79. Your Saas Company Is Like a Theme Park
  80. 40+ Lies PMs Tell Themselves
  81. 10 Ways UX Research Is Changing
  82. PMs: How To Make Sure You Aren’t Wasting Everyone’s Time
  83. SaaS and the Impostor Clairvoyant PM
  84. 24-Point Checklist for PM/PO Candidates
  85. Should We Do [ Agile, Kanban, Design Thinking, LeanUX, …;]
  86. Helicopter Management, Teal, and Stirring The Soup
  87. 10 Ways PMs Can Earn The Respect and Trust of Their Team
  88. What Do You Need? What Do We Need?
  89. 30 Things I Think about When Meeting a Product Dev Org for the First Time
  90. #agilebrandproblem
  91. To the 40+ Year Old PMs
  92. 6 Questions to Guide Continuous Improvement
  93. The Overlap
  94. Product Development Nerds Unite
  95. The Healthy Tension Trap
  96. PMs/POs: 25 Things You Can Try Now
  97. It’s All Good. Until You’re Screwed
  98. The CynAgileanUXanbanicrumify Method
  99. Why Startups Need 3rd Party Accountability Coaches
  100. 16 Quick Product Management Tips
  101. Explaining Product/Market Fit in 60 Seconds
  102. Do We Need Product Managers?
  103. Maybe You’re Just Bored. And It’s Your Fault
  104. Agile: Don’t Exchange Waterfalls for Whirlpools
  105. 10 Things I Learned By Doodling For 100 Days Straight
  106. Startups: Be Awesome At Something
  107. Complexity Is a Startup Killer. Don’t Grow Up
  108. Beat the Feature Factory: Run Pre-cap Design Studios
  109. company culture is…
  110. The Evolving Product Manager Role
  111. Pain, Potential, and Outcomes
  112. The Tease
  113. Chasing Revenue Growth (and Hidden Costs)
  114. 5 Simple Questions to Drive Validated Learning
  115. 35 B2B SaaS Tips and Gentle Reminders
  116. Be the Laziest Team and Win
  117. 7 Product Manager / Product Owner Archetypes
  118. 44 Signs You Are Becoming a “Real” PM/PO
  119. That B2B SaaS Savvy Thing
  120. Focus on These 8 Things to Build Better Products
  121. Just a Lifestyle Business …
  122. Is It Safe for Your Team to Get “Real”
  123. Where Do We Put The UX Tasks?
  124. 12 Traits of a Powerful Product Vision
  125. Focus is the Ultimate Process
  126. Is Agile Dead?
  127. You Don’t Need A “Great Product”
  128. The Unseen Product is Still The Product
  129. Enter Through The Narrow Gate (Go Deep)
  130. Quit Planning Ahead and Keeping People Busy
  131. 45 Posts On Product Development
  132. Before You Join A Startup …
  133. What Does “Sales-Driven” Even Mean?
  134. Real World Kanban (A Cartoon)
  135. Your Product is a Service…
  136. Go Towards The Discomfort (It’s A Sign)
  137. 100 Product Development Hats
  138. The Killer Sales Instinct vs. Startup Validation
  139. Product! Stop Whining About Sales!
  140. 10 Common PM Intuition Traps
  141. Opening Your Eyes to Real Customer Delight
  142. Stop Setting Up Product Roadmaps To Fail
  143. A SaaS Startup Cautionary Tale
  144. How Much Does A New Feature Cost?
  145. Time Management: Tips for Product Managers
  146. Your Startup: Food Truck or Buffet?
  147. Decision Making Transparency (The Why)
  148. 12 Core Competencies For Product Managers
  149. What Startup Sales Can Learn From UX
  150. How To Tame Engineers, Be A Rockstar, and Ship ****ing Product
  151. Team Health: A Daily Checkup
  152. A Better Roadmap | Mind-Map | Mousetrap
  153. Getting The All-Hands Right
  154. Talking The Talk: 32 Conversation Prompts for Product Development Teams
  155. To Experiment Is Human. Reality is a **cker. And The Law Of Two Feet
  156. Focus Until It Hurts
  157. The Iron Triangle Is Dead
  158. Persona(s) Non Grata
  159. 50 Interview Questions For B2B SaaS Customer Research
  160. As Product Managers We’re Asking Ourselves The Wrong Set Of Questions
  161. This PM Hack Saved Me 1 Hour A Day
  162. The Way Of The Product Whatchamacallit
  163. Hidden Costs of the Sales-Driven Roadmap
  164. 10 Questions For Your (Product Role) Interviewer
  165. User Stories and Data
  166. Juggling Growth and Usability: A UX Debt Primer
  167. 104 Questions For Product Development Teams
  168. Product Ownership: 10 Core Principles
  169. Good Process, Bad Process
  170. Sticky Love — Choosing Between Physical Boards and Online Tools
  171. Life, Death, Continuous Improvement, and Continuous Disruption
  172. Dr. Obvious, Startup Validation, and Failure
  173. Inside My Kindle: 100 Books For PMs, UX, Entrepreneurs, Systems Thinkers, Design Thinkers, and…
  174. 7 Tips For Better Prototypes
  175. 8 Trends Shaping Modern Product Management