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24-Point Checklist for PM/PO Candidates

Published: October 12, 2016

For a quick post today I thought I’d share a personal checklist for assessing product management / product owner candidates. These 24 items are useful when 1) thinking about the role you hope to fill, and 2) assessing a candidate. It can take a lifetime of shipping to max out your chops, so it is important to view all of these skills on a continuum.

1 KLOWWMNqgyt2RwjrhLbyQQ See PDF here1. Curiosity, asks “why”

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit
  2. Respect and empathy for crafters, and builders
  3. Respect and empathy non-builders (aka “business”)
  4. Systems thinking
  5. Behavioral economics / cognitive biases, consumer psychology
  6. Facilitation techniques (meetings, activities)
  7. Qualitative research methods
  8. Data analysis, statistics, descriptive/predictive/prescriptive analytics (and requisite technical skills)
  9. Experiment design
  10. Prior domain experience (shipping products in similar domain)
  11. Sufficient technical experience for domain
  12. Modern software development practices
  13. Initiative kickoff techniques
  14. KPI selection and frameworks
  15. Presentation and public speaking
  16. Team communication (software developers, UX, QA, etc.)
  17. Non-team communication (executive team, other departments, etc.)
  18. Decision making / prioritization techniques
  19. Brainstorming, user story-generation, story-mapping, story-slicing techniques
  20. Financial forecasting
  21. Business model generation, pricing, model analysis, and validation
  22. Competitive and market analysis
  23. Product lifecycle management, go-to-market