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Published: September 05, 2018

Quick update!

I am excited to share that next week I will be joining Amplitude as an advocate for impact-focused product development.

Amplitude’s analytics platform helps companies build better products, which aligns closely with my personal mission of helping teams beat the feature factory. I love it when the “front-lines” can see the true impact of their hard work, and I believe strongly in the democratization of qualitative and quantitative data within organizations.

Why Amplitude? The product is reliable, focused, opinionated where it counts, and “just gets the job done” (according to the many friends and old coworkers I’ve bugged…thank you). What they’ve done with such a small engineering team is pretty amazing, and I appreciate Justin Bauer’s perspective on all things product. Amplitude has great customers to learn from — including Square, Microsoft, InVision, and Doordash. But most of all, what sold me was Sandhya Hegde’s (Global VP, Marketing) compelling vision for the role — helping customers and prospects hone their craft with great content and training without selling Amplitude. This felt right to me.

I also appreciated how Sandhya supported my broad view of product development. Tools and data chops are part of the puzzle. But being impact-focused also takes much more: curiosity, great questions, psychological safety, the right structure, autonomy, alignment, and access to customers (among other things). I hope to paint this complete picture of the craft in my work with Amplitude.

I’ll continue doing my personal writing, tweeting, speaking, and side-hustles. For the past year I have had the wonderful opportunity to consult with some amazing companies. While very rewarding, I couldn’t help but wonder how I could get my message out to an even broader audience (as a “product person” at heart, I’m all about leverage). So, I’m hitting pause on the consulting, and…on to the next experiment.

Another fun perk…I’ll be up in SF weekly (for the day), but be down in Santa Barbara with this little guy the rest of the time.

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