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Beyond Features and Projects (IT Arena 2017— Lviv, Ukraine)

Published: September 30, 2017

Sharing my deck from the presentation. A couple slides made no sense without background, so I removed them.

Features, Projects, and Missions?

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Where is the blocker in product development?

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Trends in product management…

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Our options to handle uncertainty…

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Disruption in the pet shrimp biz..

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Trends and cycles…

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From transactions to streams…

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Complex ecosystems. What is the feature here?

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Mountains of stories.

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Quarterly planning…chasing our tail.

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Prematurely converging before responding. And aborted feedback loops.

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Everything as a Service.

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There’s a spectrum…

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Cube of opportunity. Perpetual uncertainty.

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Definition of Done. Helpful?


Is rework evil?

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Orbits. Shorten cycle for validating benefits.

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Imagine painting Mona Lisa this way…

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Improve how we do the ‘Jobs’…

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Why do we deliver in smaller batches?

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Betting on elephant races. Bet on games after they’ve started.

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Mission-based teams funded to move key metrics.

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The “simple” board.

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Sales wants to close deals. Solve that problem.

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