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company culture is…

Published: August 13, 2016

  • What you say, and how often you say it
  • What, when, and how you celebrate
  • The losses and missteps you acknowledge, and how you respond
  • How you behave when the chips are down
  • What you fight for at all costs
  • The corners you cut
  • Who you hire, promote, and compensate, and who you fire
  • Who you “smoke out” until they leave the organization
  • The worst behavior you accept and the best behavior you reject
  • The voices you amplify, and the voices you suppress
  • When you encourage conformity, and when you promote diversity
  • How you handle disagreements and differences in opinion
  • How and where you spend your time and money
  • What gets discussed at the water cooler
  • What gets discussed out in the open, and behind closed doors
  • The contradictions you allow and the contradictions you stamp out
  • The exceptions you make and the things that never budge
  • Who sits together and how you arrange your office
  • Who gets access to the best tools, technology, and infrastructure
  • What you say about your customers during challenging situations