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*Just* a Lifestyle Business …

Published: June 04, 2016

At a coffee shop somewhere in the Bay Area. Two people are talking about their friend’s business ..


The Atlantic: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/02/lets-just-make-the-startup-coffee-shop-thing-official/71603/It’s just a lifestyle business for them.

As opposed to?

Something bigger. Something that’ll grow. You know, just more serious.

I don’t know. She really loves the small team vibe and building a great product without the politics.

But that can’t scale! You know that. How are they going to take that to the next level?

What’s the next level? How do you level-up?

Bigger customers. More customers. I mean at some point someone needs to get a return … right? It shows a real lack of ambition if you ask me.

I think they’re doing pretty well actually. And they don’t owe anyone any money.

Exactly. It’s a lifestyle business. It affords her and the team a certain lifestyle. Nothing more. Do you see the pictures on Facebook of her on vacation and stuff? It’s for that. That’s a lifestyle.

You mean, it doesn’t consume your life? Isn’t playing the startup game a lifestyle decision? Look at all of these people in this cafe talking about pivots, exits, and disruption. This sort of seems like a lifestyle.

It’ll only go far! What’s the most she’ll ever pocket … a couple million? (Turns to eye the people walking into the cafe)

I think they’ve done studies on this. I’m not sure you’re happier after $100k a year (or something close to that). She legitimately enjoys showing up, working with the team, and building something people enjoy using. It’s like a group of craftsmen. Or a really good auto-shop or something.

Exactly! Those are LOCAL businesses. Come on, you know what we’re talking about. The SHOW. The GAME! Do you know how much [ — — — ] grew last quarter? That is SICK! That’s leverage …

How will that actually help the majority of people at [ — — —] ? Three years from now when they’ve been acquihired, management turns over, and they’ve pivoted six times … what will it all mean? And point of note … there are three doctor’s offices within a mile from here that have more revenue than half of the startups you’re “tracking”.

That’s the price of progress. Of growth. Did Google think small?

You could argue that Google figured out how to print money. And they were passionate about something. Just like our friend.

… Look over there. That’s [ — — — ] from [ — — —]. I wonder if they’re doing a deal? I’ve heard some whispers ….

Listen to yourself. This is totally a lifestyle for you!

No it’s not … it’s a passion.

And …

We live in San Francisco. Tell me with a straight face that this isn’t a lifestyle

Um. I mean I guess it is a “way of life”

And …

OK. It’s a lifestyle.

So it is all a lifestyle choice. There you go.