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Organizational Debt

Published: January 14, 2019

Take a seemingly “trivial” problems:

It feels like we are not aligned on what an MVP actually is…Or:

The quarterly planning process is rushed, we end up just flat-out guessing, and then have to scramble to reset expectations right at the end of the quarter…I’m calling these “trivial” because they are, in fact, easy to address under the right circumstances. How rare/common are those circumstances? I don’t really know, but I know that it is possible based on firsthand experience. Have a conversation!

But wait, that’s hard because…

And people are busy….

Or there’s inertia…

But I think it is worth considering…what is actually stopping you from fixing rather trivial problems? That “stuff”, in my mind, is a form of organizational debt. Some companies are suffering from chronic issues and cannot self repair even the most straightforward of issues.

One thing we can all do is approach these challenges with curiosity and humbleness. We haven’t figured it all out.