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Round and Round

Published: February 12, 2018

Crazy week of travel. Apologies for not posting more.

I do these little diagrams for fun (often when waiting for broken airplanes to be repaired while I enjoy my $10 meal voucher to fly to another airport where I’ll miss my connection). I’ve been thinking about cataloging them in a fun little book. Sound helpful/cathartic? Let me know at @johncutlefish on Twitter, or in the comments. Maybe (to kick my ass) I’ll set up a Kickstarter…and then I’ll NEED to finish.

Here are a couple recent ones…

1. Why does that team seem to always take on too much work?

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2. Why does that shared resource seem to be perpetually under-staffed?

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3. Why does the team keep slipping into planning big batches?

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/#### 4. Why does a myopic focus on increasing velocity eventually hurt quality?

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5. Why are the team’s stories never “good enough” ?

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6. Why does my team hide things from me?

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7. Well…you saw what happened when we tried to just hand them a problem, right?

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8. It’s not like old times…

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9. Sometimes they get super complex, but I’m not sure these are very helpful…

1 8BvCldlQu1m1LeriLsBcpA 2x I think it would be interesting to use something like Donella Meadow’s twelve leverage points

to suggest some potentially helpful interventions. But that’s for another post.

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