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Some Totally Cliche Career Advice…

Published: January 03, 2018

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Some totally cliche career advice…

  • Find people you can genuinely learn from
  • Find people who challenge you in genuine, non-manipulative ways
  • Your personal career will last longer than most of the companies you work for
  • Savor the times when things truly flow. They are hard fought and fleeting
  • A company can be “successful” and toxic to some high % of its employees
  • A great place to work (for some) can be a terrible place to work (for others)
  • Organizations grow, change, decay, and die. Don’t atrophy/die with them
  • Some problems are absolutely fixable, but not worth fixing
  • All companies have problems. Not all companies have chronic health issues
  • You can, with determination, lead a bottom-up revolution. At what cost?
  • It’s possible to go a decade doing “good work”, but not grow/learn
  • It’s entirely possible to “grow out of” your current role. Time to move on?
  • Be a student of your craft, and how your craft can help people
  • Savor the real-world impact of your work. Double-down when you sense it
  • Relish opportunities to learn…we spend a lot of time on auto-drive
  • If your org doesn’t offer learning opportunities … do it anyway (on their time)
  • If you find a place where things “generally fix themselves” … rejoice!
  • Try teaching/mentoring. Even thirty minutes a week can go a long, long way
  • Be judicious with your loyalty. Is it being reciprocated?
  • It’s not all about you. I mean it can be, but you are limiting yourself
  • Drink Kool Aid with care. You can become blind to side effects (fake sugar)
  • Beware of subtle manipulation and the promotion-that-never-comes
  • Remember…canaries in coal mines have to die for the “learning”
  • Don’t confuse your personal needs with what your company “needs”
  • Don’t graft your needs/expectations on everyone you work with (slackers!)
  • Read fiction and poetry! Have a hobby
  • Pretend you never read this and “make the best mistakes”