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Published: May 07, 2017

I make clip-art cartoons about software product development. Here are a few from the last couple months…

1 8o2immoGkpUz5TjUb3EycQ Phil chats with Dante regarding the new reporting module… 1 ZDZS0D5 nYLqaOVjRQTUSQ Scrum Master Charlize challenges Alex. Those pesky story points… 1 GFHOZCuBVU0qaj6Ng n 7w When in doubt, ask if you can parallelize the work. Marie-Claire is not amused 1 nBzNWDc63lx0gl5JHyWsvA Pigeons herding cats 1 Uk2NYuaAK2IXgix e9s Cg For Myra, being the top dog has its challenges 1 G7R3ZR4FsTy f5hl7HT8UA Stanley and Patricia imagine a new future. A DevOps future 1 BwJqLytt KuDm3QCZAac7w CEO Pauline is off to the airport. She needs a roadmap 1 0hqOaABQ7XGPT OYNgiUBg 1 Vgw1jkA6hgnvwzTsfMlnpg 1 gKBpq1ruUi0FVK2UM I4tQ

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