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“That’s A Great Idea!”

Published: June 08, 2017

Don’t assume people are aligned when they agree on a solution or next step.

They might not agree on the Why. Which means a couple things …

  1. When/if the solution fails, you’ll be stuck
  2. If the solution “wins”, you might not agree why it is a winner
  3. You won’t know what to dampen (negative byproducts)
  4. You won’t know what to amplify (positive byproducts) Junior PMs often think “stakeholder Alignment” is the process of getting people to agree on a what to do next. It *feels *like the right thing to do (and is frequently rewarded). Great job!

Hey. Everyone agreed it was the right thing to do!Over the years I’ve learned that alignment around solutions is rarely a *deep *alignment. It is transient and short-lived.

Figure out the Why. Why is everyone excited about this idea? Are participants excited for different reasons? Build shared understanding and alignment around the Why. Then invite your team to propose other solutions that meet those Whys. Rinse. Repeat.