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The One Week Product Management Challenge

Published: October 30, 2017

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OK PMs. Make this week great. Less backlog bingo. Less busy. Think high leverage, and rock it. Try to get in…

  1. 3hrs of structured customer interviews (record, transcribe, invite team, but make it optional)
  2. 1hr observing customer accomplish job using software (invite team, record, transcribe, but make it optional)
  3. 30m presentation to team on a recently released “feature” with data/insights
  4. 30m presentation to team on how their work impacts business outcomes
  5. Meaningfully reduce the scope of anything you’re working on
  6. Closely pair with teammate on something (1–2hrs)
  7. Take someone from support/success out to lunch and learn about their world
  8. Actively seek feedback on how you are doing from all members of the team
  9. Set aside time for 2hrs of professional development (book, YouTube)
  10. Create a dashboard with product KPIs, health metrics, etc. Get team feedback
  11. 1hr competitive research. Condense your learning and share summary with team
  12. Share some good news with the team (in customer words, with supporting data)