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The [?] Tribe

Published: November 20, 2018

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There’s a tribe out there that is hard to pin down. We…

  • are the puzzlers, makers, designers, crafters, entrepreneurs, and change agents
  • Believe the real rockstars, mini-or-10x-anythings are supporting our teams
  • reject the “feature factory” and shipping for shipping’s sake
  • see lasting value and meaningful learning are the key units of value
  • embrace minimalism and pragmatism — “maximizing the amount of work not done”
  • work to positively impact everyone in the ecosystem — the team, community, customers, investors
  • thrive in cross-functional teams, in all their weird, geeky, and diverse glory
  • embrace uncertainty. It’s where opportunity lurks
  • can’t be boxed into an org chart (or titles), and routinely challenge professional stereotypes
  • work best when we have direct access to users, customers, and data
  • understand that all ways (e.g. Agile, Design Thinking) are necessarily incomplete
  • use “just enough” process, and not more…always seeking minimalism and flexibility
  • seek out best practices, but know they’re just a beginning. We borrow liberally
  • work to up-level our teams — coach, mentor, teach, speak, pair, and run book clubs
  • invite instead of impose, show instead of tell
  • work to build trust and psychological safety on our teams
  • above all, stay curious, stay humble, and keep learning I don’t know what to do with this observation…other than just putting it out there! Systems thinkers? Passionate makers? Again, hard to pin down…