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Why We Write Tickets

Published: May 04, 2017

Shared with my team the other day in Slack …

Why we write tickets

  • So if we get sick, a teammate can help us out

  • To help us decompose our work into small pieces

  • As a placeholder for a real-life conversation

  • To keep track of how we resolved the issue

  • To make our standups effective

  • To point out dependencies

  • To reflect on the mix/makeup of our work during retros

  • Self-discipline. Don’t take on too much. Try to do one thing at a time Why we DON’T write tickets

  • To track our time

  • To compete with other team members

  • To show managers we’re busy

  • To make managing people possible

  • To report status, or % complete

  • Because Jira is fun to use

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